The Jungle is a place where you will find many dangerous animals. There you will find those animals which you will not able to see in normal life while walking on the roads like, dogs, and cats, sometimes elephants also. But there you can find lions, tigers and many more which you cannot witness in real life. You watched their photos in your course books either in zoos when they are trapped in the cage. If you want to watch the real nature of those animals then you have to visit jungles. We all have to work for protecting trees and forests. Now the social messages of protecting forests are over and I want to come back on my main topic and real work. I am a supporter of protecting animals and forestry for which I became a lifetime member of PETA. I visited many seminars of it and participated in many social works organized by it.

That was the time when I was in Australia for spreading awareness about protecting forests. I was there as the ambassador from PETA. One day before the function, I was preparing for my speech which I have to deliver at the time of the opening ceremony. I was searching for the names of jungles in Australia. While I was searching about it I visited many websites. When I was reading an article on a website a pop-up box appeared on my computer screen. That was a newly started casino game of Jungle 7s. I saved it for further use and completed my speech. After completing it, I visited that site again. I hear many things about casinos in Australia so there was a desire in me to try it on my own. I read the instructions present there. That was similar to the classic ones for those who are experienced in this for a person like me it was just a starting point. So, reading playing instructions is very compulsory and important for me. Playing it was very simple because you have to only hit the spin button and wait for the combination. There were different prizes on different combinations. The maximum cash prize is on the lucky 7. It appears when all three reels show the number 7. I was playing on the free mode so these prizes are just a dream for me. Main motive while playing is just for the enjoyment and it provided me all those things which I needed at that time. I enjoyed a lot and my all expectations regarding it were fulfilled by it.