Meet the most updated

In International Game Technology (IGT) has the most modern machines and, therefore, has remained among the leading companies in the environment of slot games with the introduction of these machines have been developed current games, entertaining and easy for all audiences.

These slots have a striking design, to capture the attention of the player looking for emotion. In addition, they have a mechanism that allows the game to run seamlessly, with the latest technologies discovered by experts.

All these characteristics get to wrap the player and provide a unique experience, which is not obtained with any other machine. This can be verified, directly, by testing the machines in any of the thousands of casinos that enjoy their quality.

Once you have done the test, you will understand why these slots have remained among the most recognized and with greater leadership in the entertainment industry. Reason enough, so that users want to play again in them.

Themes diversity

In the wide variety of gaming machines, there is a wide variety of content, with very interesting stories to satisfy the tastes of the players. Among the themes, you can find those related to historical events, games based on fantasy, those that allude to the characters of comics, horror and many more.

In IGT, they strive to please those who go beyond the story and the characters, focusing only on obtaining a favorable result. For these players, entertainment tournaments have been created, through which rewards are obtained that are progressive.

The advantage of these awards is that as they are achieved, in the same way, they increase and get bigger and bigger profits, despite getting them with high volatility in the games.

Types of games

Because the number of games, developed by the company IGT, is too long, a classification was made and two categories were established, which refers to the games that are fun and the one that concerns the most famous games.

They have also been divided, according to the modality, into those that are free and in which they have to be paid. The entire game card is available to users in the VideoSlots guide.

Gong Xi FaCai

With this game the Chinese “Happy New Year” is celebrated, it has five drums and 50 lines for payment. In the course of the game are multipliers, which can be up to 5x during the initial game and a large number of spins for free.


1421 Voyages of Zheng He Slots

This machine tells the story of the Ming offspring, in the China of the protagonist Zheng He, who discovered isolated parts of Africa. With this game, you will get 5 drums and the line that becomes 88. In addition, it has an RTP of 95.7% and 4 bonus forms.

She’s a rich girl

Inspired by the Seventies, when the Hall & Oates song was famous,it is distinguished by its characteristic design of IGT, for mobile devices and PC. The subject is related to the rich and is very crude.

It has a fairly low volatility and you can multiply the bet by up to 10,000x, with which you can get a victory without complications, but you will also enjoy it in a single turn and very quickly.

Treasury of Troy

Relative to the wars that took place in ancient Greece, it is the favorite game of many. With musical effects that introduce the player in an atmosphere full of epic history and make him part of the great battle.

It has only one particularity, since being a game that presents no difficulty, it focuses on highlighting the speed of the plays, but, also, focuses on transmitting enough entertainment. Also, it has a very appropriate gameplay for this type of games.

It offers a boat for the amount of 200,000 coins, which should capture the attention of novice players and those who already have proven experience. With a total of 1024 lines ready for payment, the player will concentrate on the slot and have fun.

Siberian storm

It transports you to the icy landscapes that exist in Siberia, where you have to fight with the inclemency of the weather, with the purpose of obtaining maximum profits, within which is the greatest progressive reward, known as Mega Jackpot.

Through MultiwayXtra, IGT makes this game available with a progressive accumulation, which is always very attractive to players and a gameplay difficult to overcome. All these advantages make it a game that has many followers.

The Storm of Siberia design offers 720 different ways to make a profit. By getting five Tigers characteristic of Siberia, consecutively, he becomes a candidate for a grand prize.

Crown of Egypt

It is possible that the Egyptian theme in the slot machines is familiar and that the oldest players have tried it once, but people are attracted to everything related to the mystery of the gods that surround mythology.

This slot features fabulous pyramids, an imposing Sphinx and everything that identifies Egyptian culture. In the development of the game, you can see how the elements are integrated in a great way.

Presents up to 1024 ways to make a profit and with MultiwayXtra technology, it is possible to achieve victories in any direction, right, left, down or up, during the development of the turn. This is a factor that helps increase the adrenaline in the game.

Western belles

Immerse the player in the Far West, with a traditional touch, surrounded by beautiful women belonging to that era. These ladies turned into cowgirls, have an extraordinary rapidity in the game, the reason why it is necessary to have many abilities to obtain prizes.

In the 40 lines, which can be adjusted, bets can be made ranging from 1 to 1,000 credits in each of the games. In addition, you have a couple of wild cards, represented by the cowgirl, dressed in red and a lipstick, which doubles the chances of making turns and winning bonuses.

The design has no complications, presents five drums, with 40 lines arranged for payment. In addition, there is the possibility of putting into operation an extra wild drum, with a very small bet.

100 Pandas

This emblematic animal represents superiority in the field of nature, for being a unique example. For this reason, it has become a leading icon of casino machines worldwide.

The game takes place in an environment, where these docile creatures predominate, feeding on bamboo. The Yin-Yang symbols are symbols of dispersion and when they appear on the drums, the Chinese, bamboo or flower, provide 10 free spins and extraordinary winnings, provided they are used correctly.

The soundtrack is delicate and the sounds that accompany the game envelop the environment filling it with typical sounds of the jungle. The bonus that offers free spins is obtained by collecting three icons belonging to the dispersion located in the drums of the center.

By attaining three icons belonging to the bonuses and placing them on three drums in the central part, you can continue to roll spins for free. This game has a nice theme and excellent benefits.

Davinci Diamonds

It is among the most successful of the IGT Company, it has crossed all borders and has reached expert and novice players, based on the renowned painter, who, in addition, was a famous inventor and, presumably, fond of collecting jewelry is the main piece of the plot that surrounds those who play.

The pot has an amount of up to 25,000 coins; bets can be made from 0.01 to 5 coins of the line ready for payment. The secret of success lies in the combination between the aspect of rebirth and everything that surrounds the game.

This mix has a captivating effect on the players, as they exhibit numerous works of great historical value, united with the jewels of the Italian potentates of the time, which symbolized the enormous wealth they possessed.

Wolf Run

It resembles a traditional game, because it has five normal and transparent drums, which when turned show the forest full of fog; eight rows of icons, 100 lines that make up the payment and an endless number of probable combinations, as the ways of playing increase, representing a great challenge for beginners and expert players.

The idol can be collected in the full drum, wildly, when any of the five free spins are activated. Also, they are activated by getting three bonus icons mixed in three of the central drums.

To get a maximum of 255 free throws in a round, according to the number of icons that are activated, you must play in the rounds that give turns, for free, with many odds of obtaining extraordinary winnings.

Family Guy

Not always the programs that are broadcast on television adapt to the slots, the success is based on the use of fiction and inventiveness that have the people in charge of developing the game and who have legal permits.

Family Guy, in its beginnings, had a lot of acceptance and, until today, it has remained. With a design of cartoons similar to those seen on the small screen, an excellent result was achieved. In the game, you get bonuses with Peter and Drunken Clam, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland.

The greatest risk occurs in the confrontation between perverse chickens, increasing the gainwhen a chicken with the size of a human appears in several chapters of the series, trying to hit Peter, who gets upset, without explanation, and begins the advance in the stages of destruction.

This cockfighting machine tends to be exciting and you can get amazing bonuses with a bit of luck. The rest of the protagonists, Chris, Meg, and Stewie, are shown to distract attention from the gain.

The objective is to not let you get the progressive accumulated, offered by this IGT machine, by the way, quite surprising. It is recommended to do everything possible to obtain it, you will not regret it.

It is not easy to locate an online site where poker can be played safely and reliably. If you want to play, only, poker for free, then it will be more difficult. In this list, you will find the opportunity to improve your skills.