Mathematics is part of the most exacting science that exists, along with physics allow calculations and probabilities to prove a fact, however in gambling can hardly be applied to win, as one of the most famous physicists in the world said Albert Einstein, who said that to win at roulette the player will have to take money from the table when the dealer is not looking.

Reality has shown that this statement of Albert is not so true since it is precisely through physics that can be analyzed and calculated the number of times the ball falls in certain numbers, and thus obtain the probability that one or more numbers are the winners. It can also happen that the ball falls into certain numbers several times due to a wheel drop during its design or installation.

In most games offered by casinos, the dealer is heard saying: “the house wins” and that is that in the game of roulette there are no possible maneuvers to win easily, because when the wheel spin the ball can stop at the least thought number.

However, some people think that the way they bet and the position of the wheel can benefit them when playing roulette. To ensure that you are the winner during the game, the goal is to observe how the roulette works in detail. Even so, is this really possible?

Roulette layout

The planning and construction of the roulette wheel require careful studies, similar to the boards of darts games. Motivated to this, there are two different roulette games, one designed to play European roulette and one for the American wheel.

In the case of the American wheel, the casino has a greater advantage, since it has two zeros. When it comes to the European wheel the gambler can lose up to 2.7% of the money. In contrast, in the American wheel, the loss of money waged oscillates by 5.26%. To know in more detail what is proposed, it is suggested to apply the mathematics, learn to take the probabilities by observing the attached video.

There are similarities in the patterns of each wheel, but there is great variety in the order of numbers. The alternation of numbers is a premise in the roulette wheel. In addition to the numbers, also the colors black and red vary, although in the wheel these can go successively. But, in the case that the zeros are excluded from the American wheel, this would have followed the black and red numbers. The high numbers (19-36) and low numbers (1-18), must also be in the design of the wheel in a varied way.

The rule states that this order must be maintained on all wheels, but in the game of American roulette is breached permanently, because in many cases the wheels can have low numbers side by side, for example, a 5 next from 10. Motivated to this, it is considered that the European wheel has greater legality than the American one. The distribution of odd and even numbers is another premise of roulette wheels. The reality is that this premise is not fulfilled by any of the wheels, be they European or American.

It is interesting to note that in the European wheel there are two elements of numerical order. First of all, on one side of the zero are the high black numbers and on the other the red lows. And secondly, numbers 13 and 24 are not in the series 29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32. Therefore, the possibility of winning is 2-1, by betting on this series, unlike the first series that your order does not exclude any number, therefore it is complete.

Alternatives to play and win at roulette

Searching the web, you can find many alternatives to play and win at roulette: systems, strategies, etc. Among the many alternatives, there may be complicated or easy specifications, as well as extensive or simple explanations. The system will be chosen according to the criteria of each person.

The strategy of a game system must contain two things, one linked to the administration of money and another to the game itself. The Martingale system is the best known for money management. It consists of having enough money to double the bets when the player loses, without the limitations of the table being reached; this is a strategy that is applied quickly. Probably, the man has not known a way to fall into bankruptcy more effective than the Martingale system

Independently the strategy that is assumed to manage the money or make the bets, the luck will be the same. In this sense, mathematics will win the casino, even predicting that each number has the same opportunity to be chosen, so it will be verified that the roulette is in perfect condition. When a number appears that has not been selected, the player will realize that the system was working well until then, losing his bet and winning (2.7% or 5.26%) the casino.

Betting up to 20 numbers is part of what several systems offer. By covering more than 50% of the numbers, the frequency of winning is high. But, when a number was selected that was not bet, the 20 bets made will result in the player having lost the game, and half of the time this will happen. The biggest gain will always be for the casino, and it is proven by investigating the systems created so far. The mathematical calculations in this regard can be found in the following video.

In the same way, when playing you can bet on a single number, considering that there is a possibility that you will be the winner when you play roulette. You can change the strategies of money management, know the design of the wheel, the form of the bets, exchange the selection of the numbers, in order to look for multiple alternatives, but the certain thing is that the mathematics does not fail, and always they will demonstrate that “the house wins.”

The other option is to spend a bit of entertainment playing roulette, be it European or American, and have Faith in Lady Luck, and randomly chooses any number. Otherwise, go back to the beginning and honor Einstein to take the coins from the table when the group sees you. (Of course, this could bring you some problems).